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Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 9:00am

But, What Sound Does A Giraffe Make?

A while back, our popular SWOG blogger, Raymond Nakamura, wrote a post called, What Does a Giraffe Sound Like? In the post, he explains how the giraffes’ larynxes and lungs work and that giraffes can make sounds, but typically don't. 

Still our readers were left wondering—what sound does a Giraffe make? So, Learn do allowger, Elizabeth Hand decided to go directly to the source—the nearest giraffe. She did some research and found out that the nearest giraffe to Science World lives at . Elizabeth met up with Brandi Murray, a keeper at the Zoo, to interview the seven-year-old , Pompadour—Pompy for short.

What do you think Pompy had to say?


Hey that's me in the video! I

Hey that's me in the video! I had so much fun filming this, but one small error in the above description; I'm not a zookeeper! I'm education staff, I teach people about the animals at the zoo. Hope to see you again soon!

i dig it

i dig it

Here is a video that The

Here is a video that The Blank Park Zoo made that shows a very young Giraffe making a yelling sound, though I think they are a little confused about why adults can't be heard: But when it comes to full-grown giraffes, since we cannot hear the sound they make with our human ears, we have to use our imagination. What do you think it would sound like?

Hi! I wonder the same thing.

Hi! I wonder the same thing. Since we can't hear the sounds with our human ears though, we can only guess at what they sound like. What do you imagine?

I dig it man

I dig it man


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