Wonder Shine


Shine is all about light and colour. It features a giant coloured light peg wall, a large kaleidoscope where children can create beautiful design using simple objects and an exhibit that lets children build with light. Shine also features the Shine Room, a dark area, where children use lights to discover what’s hidden in the room, play with colour, and much more.

When your child is playing in the SHINE area….

Children can search for hidden objects in the Shine Room using a portable light, and can create shadows by blocking light with opaque objects. Children can also create different colours of light by placing various combinations of coloured filters over lights, and can compare and contrast the resulting colours. The exterior panels of the Shine Room are made of various materials, which expose children to the concepts of reflection, transparency, magnification, and opacity.

Playing at the light tables allows children to create colourful shapes and patterns by manipulating objects on a backlit surface. Children can also learn that new colours can be made by stacking coloured filters, and that some objects allow light to pass through, while other objects do not.

What does the research say?

Learning colour terms is a gradual process. Initially, children form temporary meanings for their colour terms before they label them in an adult-like manner. Learning colour categories is in some ways similar to learning about number systems: children build on broad categories or rudimentary values (in number, the values 1 & 2; in colour, the categories red & green) and then continue to learn additional values and colours as they develop.

Learning about colours requires creating categories – groups of objects, events, people, etc., that share a set of properties or characteristics. Small differences in colour can be grouped into the same category. For example, limes and (green) olives can be labeled with the term green, because these shades both fall into the colour category of “green”.

Children begin to understand the concept of reflection – that what they see when they look into a mirror is themselves – starting around 18 months of age.

If you enjoyed the exhibits in SHINE, these activities let you continue your explorations at home

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